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About Me

Traveling Gibson started as an Instagram profile where I could post my travel photos while working in the hotel industry in Myrtle Beach. I grew up traveling domestically with my parents within the United States and fell in love with the National Parks within the country I still call home. In 2018 I crossed the Atlantic Ocean and visited my first countries outside of North America and it reignited my intense passion for travel that I had let slip away as I focused on school and work. Since that first trip across the ocean I have spent each hotel offseason spending countless hours on my computer researching and piecing together my next trip, each one more ambitious than the next. With each trip I take I continue to learn from my mistakes and improve my routine to both be efficient with my budget as well as creating better itineraries to experience as much as I can in each destination. My heart is full of amazing stories and my head is full of countless pieces of travel advice that I wish to share with others so that they can successfully explore this beautiful planet that we live on. Whether it is traveling to the next town over or to the opposite side of the world, I hope by creating this website I can help others who are looking to travel reach their goals and visit wherever they will feel the most fulfilled. 


Contact Me: Brian Gibson

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